Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Menu Plan for Sept 19 2011

WOW!!! Life was so crazy I forgot to post our week last weekend!!! I have to figure somethings out here. I have way to much on my plate. I am Co President of 2 PTOs. One at my sons school and one at my daughters school. My sons school has lots of people helping out where as my daughters is just a few people. I an in charge of the fund raisers at her school as well...Oh did I mention that I have worked at her school part time for a year now and start full time on the 26th? YEP!!! Like I said my life is crazy!!! I need to figure somethings out here with all I have going.... BUT...With all of that said I did totally not do well staying on the Menu Plan Path last week. Hopefully with NO meetings to attend this week we can do better!!

M- Cheesy Chicken Casserole (1 can of cream of mushroom soup, 1 can of cheese soup 2 LG chicken breasts and a can of milk in the crock pot ALL DAY. Then you shred the chicken and add cheese over noodles of some sort YUMMMO)

T- Tacos

W- Pork Chops and Sour Kraut in the crock pot with mashed potato's

Th- Grilled Cheese and Soup

F- Bellas Birthday Party- My daughters BFF will be turning 7

S- CHICKEN BBQ FUND RAISER AT THE SCHOOL...YUMMO My hubby makes the chicken and I am in charge of the Yard Sale and all that goes with it. FUN TIMES!!!

S- Maybe OUT...Not sure yet. Almost too far away to know whats planned.

This is my simple menu plan for this week. You can see LOTS more at



Monday, September 5, 2011

Menu Plan Monday for Sept 5/11

HELLO!!! And Welcome to another Menu Plan Monday at The Goods!!!
I keep things as simple as I can around here. We are short on money and time so I am doing the best I can with what I have. This week I went to the store and spent about $50.00. That was Gator Aide for me to take to work, 4 boxes of Steak Ums *to stock up with at 5.00 a box, Milk, Bread, 4 doz eggs, Velveeta (cause it was 3.00), 2 packs of Juciey Juice Juice Boxes and thats basically all I can think of. I had the Family with me so it was a little stressful...LOL I love them but I dont think Family's are meant to go grocery shopping together....LOL

Meal wise for this week we are eating what is you can tell from the little bit I bought at the grocery store. Last week we signed a Family Compact to NOT go out to eat for a month. Im not sure if I posted about this already or not, BUT we have stuck to it so far. One week down and 3 to go....I think I am going to do my best to go longer than that. We really need to start saving money around here and I know for a fact that going out to eat is where we waste it most at this house.

Ok here is my simple menu plan for this week all out of my freezer and pantry!!!

M- Stovetop meat balls (we did not eat them last week we had sandwiches instead), french fries and a spinach salad.

T- Shepard's Pie
Ground Beef cooked mixed with gravy and then corn, peas and mashed potato's layered on top YUMMY SIMPLE and CHEAP...LOL usually makes enough for Roger and I to take in our lunches too!

W- Grilled Chicken, julianne potato's, and green beans from our garden

Th- Salisbury Steak, noodles and peas

F- Cheese burger Macaroni
Ground beef cooked with minced onions in it mixed with macaroni's, ketchup and Velveeta
This too usually makes way more than we need so I freeze it up into single serve dishes for lunches

S- Lunch Leftovers
Dinner the kids are spending the night at my moms because....Sunday is our 13 year Wedding Anniversary!!! So hard to believe that we have been married that many years!!! It seems just like yesterday that we were in High School going to dances together and marching band events!!!!
So I have no idea what I am making yet!!!

S- kids are still with my mom so Ill play it by ear.

Please check out Orgjunkies site for more ideas

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Menu Plan Monday for Aug 29 2011

Welcome to my Simple Menu Plan for Monday Aug 29 2011. This is a BIG day at our house. My son starts middle school (6th grade) and my daughter starts 1st grade. And MOM here starts working at the school with the kids again. I started back to work on Thursday of last week but that was for meetings and what not. I really don't feel like we got anything done but it is what it is. I do lunch and recess duty as well as breakfast this year. This will be the first year EVER that they will be feeding EACH AND EVERY child breakfast. I am happy for the kids that were not getting there to have it early enough before we changed the plan but not thrilled for ME. I will be just getting all the syrup off my arms from doing tables when it is going to be time to start lunch it seems...ok that's a bit much we do have an hour between.....LOL

So the girl is excited!! She got the teacher she wanted and loves. Whenever we see her teacher she runs to her and hugs her. She was her cheer leading coach last year.

The boy is NOT excited at all!!! He has a mild case of aspergers, OCD and ADHD. He does not do change at ALL!! He and I spent about a half an hour with the Middle School coordinator going over a few things as well as his lock on his locker. UGH!! I wanna be there to help him thru the day. I partially got the job at the elementary school for that reason...shame I couldn't get the job years ago..but it is what it is! So enough of the drama for this momma....and onto our weekly menu

M- BACK TO SCHOOL MEAL Frozen Pizza and salad

T- Chicken Alfredo with broccoli

W- BBQ Pork Chops and baked potato's with Green beans

Th- Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

F- StoveTop Meat balls, corn and Julianne potato's

Stove Top Meat Balls
2lbs of ground beef
1 box of Chicken Flavored
2/3s cup of water and MIX
Bake in the oven at 375 until done (yep I have no idea how long it takes..maybe 30 mins LOL)

Sa- who knows....

S- cook out with friends at the camper...deviled eggs and brownies are on my list to bring.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Menu Plan Monday Aug 22, 2011

Well its that time of the week again...when I do my Menu Plan. As always its pretty simple. Almost to simple some days if you ask me BUT no ones hungry and it all works out. LOL!

M- Baked potatos with toppings (mostly LOs we have bbq, cheese and broccoli)

T- Chief Salad

W- Scrambled Eggs, bacon, friend potato's(LO from Mondays Baked Potato's)

Th- Kids are with there Grandparents so Hubby and I might just GO OUT ALONE! I start back to work on this day...

F- Hot Dogs (I truly do NOT like hot dogs but for 98cents a pack...we dont have a choice these days...) Mac n cheese and baked beans

I guess I should explain why I am JUST going back to work. I work as a Para-professional at my daughters Elementary school. I do class room duties like reading intervention with 1st graders and I do lunch and recess duty. I love this school I am at. Maybe because my son just graduated from there...he is headed to middle school next week...WAHHHH and because my daughter is still there. I feel very dedicated as an employee as well as a parent. I am in charge of the fundraising programs at school. So I am pretty busy. This week I will learn what it is like to have kids in two different buildings. I cant wait to see what challenges are headed our way as a family!

You can check out LOTS of other great menus on Lauras web site : http://

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PS I want to blog about some things that are going on...hopefully I will get up the nerve to do it this week yet....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

My Menu Plan is very simple. Right now I am a stay at home my but I start back to work again at the end of next week. I work as an assistant at my daughters elementary school. So we are busy re-organizing for the up and coming school year so that things rum smoothly. My son will also be starting middle school so that is something else new we need to work with.

Here is my simple week:
Mon- Pizza Bob (Grilled Cheese with peperoni and pizza sauce on it) and fresh veggies

Tue- Grilled Chicken, red potato's and corn

Wed- Hot Dogs, Mac and cheese and fresh veggies

Thurs- Tacos


Sat- Dinner at my In Laws

Sun- Cheese burgers and fresh veggies

Turkey and cheese sandwiches
Mac and Cheese

fruit and veggies

Bagels with Cream Cheese

I am a huge fan of Laura over at

I have gotten so many great ideas from her site as well as from the people that also post there. Please check her site out when you have some time.

Well until next Monday or a great organization project gets me started....