Sunday, August 28, 2011

Menu Plan Monday for Aug 29 2011

Welcome to my Simple Menu Plan for Monday Aug 29 2011. This is a BIG day at our house. My son starts middle school (6th grade) and my daughter starts 1st grade. And MOM here starts working at the school with the kids again. I started back to work on Thursday of last week but that was for meetings and what not. I really don't feel like we got anything done but it is what it is. I do lunch and recess duty as well as breakfast this year. This will be the first year EVER that they will be feeding EACH AND EVERY child breakfast. I am happy for the kids that were not getting there to have it early enough before we changed the plan but not thrilled for ME. I will be just getting all the syrup off my arms from doing tables when it is going to be time to start lunch it seems...ok that's a bit much we do have an hour between.....LOL

So the girl is excited!! She got the teacher she wanted and loves. Whenever we see her teacher she runs to her and hugs her. She was her cheer leading coach last year.

The boy is NOT excited at all!!! He has a mild case of aspergers, OCD and ADHD. He does not do change at ALL!! He and I spent about a half an hour with the Middle School coordinator going over a few things as well as his lock on his locker. UGH!! I wanna be there to help him thru the day. I partially got the job at the elementary school for that reason...shame I couldn't get the job years ago..but it is what it is! So enough of the drama for this momma....and onto our weekly menu

M- BACK TO SCHOOL MEAL Frozen Pizza and salad

T- Chicken Alfredo with broccoli

W- BBQ Pork Chops and baked potato's with Green beans

Th- Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

F- StoveTop Meat balls, corn and Julianne potato's

Stove Top Meat Balls
2lbs of ground beef
1 box of Chicken Flavored
2/3s cup of water and MIX
Bake in the oven at 375 until done (yep I have no idea how long it takes..maybe 30 mins LOL)

Sa- who knows....

S- cook out with friends at the camper...deviled eggs and brownies are on my list to bring.

Please check out more great menu ideas at

Thanks for reading my Simple Plan for this week!

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