Monday, August 15, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

My Menu Plan is very simple. Right now I am a stay at home my but I start back to work again at the end of next week. I work as an assistant at my daughters elementary school. So we are busy re-organizing for the up and coming school year so that things rum smoothly. My son will also be starting middle school so that is something else new we need to work with.

Here is my simple week:
Mon- Pizza Bob (Grilled Cheese with peperoni and pizza sauce on it) and fresh veggies

Tue- Grilled Chicken, red potato's and corn

Wed- Hot Dogs, Mac and cheese and fresh veggies

Thurs- Tacos


Sat- Dinner at my In Laws

Sun- Cheese burgers and fresh veggies

Turkey and cheese sandwiches
Mac and Cheese

fruit and veggies

Bagels with Cream Cheese

I am a huge fan of Laura over at

I have gotten so many great ideas from her site as well as from the people that also post there. Please check her site out when you have some time.

Well until next Monday or a great organization project gets me started....



  1. I think your menu sounds great! Stopping over from MPM. :)

  2. Very smart! We keep it simple around our house. I'm a new follower from the Monday Mingle. Such a cute site! Would love a follow back!

  3. welcome to mpm and the blogging world. i love planning meals and reading what everyone else is making. i usually hve the next weeks menu planned by
    i know the week is almost over but it takes me a while to get through most of the menu plans:)
    i'd love if you stopped by my new blog and checked out my Menu Plan
    Cooking with Cristin
    also a new follower of your. woud love a follow back:)

  4. Hello, I'm new GFC follower of your blog :)

    Sounds yummy!! I couldn't make a menu plan, it would make me more hungry lol.