Monday, August 22, 2011

Menu Plan Monday Aug 22, 2011

Well its that time of the week again...when I do my Menu Plan. As always its pretty simple. Almost to simple some days if you ask me BUT no ones hungry and it all works out. LOL!

M- Baked potatos with toppings (mostly LOs we have bbq, cheese and broccoli)

T- Chief Salad

W- Scrambled Eggs, bacon, friend potato's(LO from Mondays Baked Potato's)

Th- Kids are with there Grandparents so Hubby and I might just GO OUT ALONE! I start back to work on this day...

F- Hot Dogs (I truly do NOT like hot dogs but for 98cents a pack...we dont have a choice these days...) Mac n cheese and baked beans

I guess I should explain why I am JUST going back to work. I work as a Para-professional at my daughters Elementary school. I do class room duties like reading intervention with 1st graders and I do lunch and recess duty. I love this school I am at. Maybe because my son just graduated from there...he is headed to middle school next week...WAHHHH and because my daughter is still there. I feel very dedicated as an employee as well as a parent. I am in charge of the fundraising programs at school. So I am pretty busy. This week I will learn what it is like to have kids in two different buildings. I cant wait to see what challenges are headed our way as a family!

You can check out LOTS of other great menus on Lauras web site : http://

As always thanks for reading.....


PS I want to blog about some things that are going on...hopefully I will get up the nerve to do it this week yet....

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